Landsborough Tennis Club

Back in the 1960’s the only bitumen court in Landsborough that wasn’t privately owned, was falling into disrepair. It had lights, some working, some not, and surrounded by ordinary fencing wire approximately 6 foot high attached to timber poles. The surface was cracked and had holes, as well the playing lines had to be marked out each week with chalk, as basketball was also played on it. It was situated where court one is now.

A few people saw the need for a community court as competition was already being played in the area on private courts. Among those people where Pat and Vince Collins.

In those days, our home games were played on Saturday aftenoons on Gowen’s, Frizzo’s, Early’s and the school courts. To accommodate all the teams ranging from adults A and Reserve grades, children B & C grades, so our own court was needed.

As Pat, Vince and their seven boys and seven girls all enjoyed their tennis, the family played a major role in the formation of the club.

The Landsborough Tennis Club was created in 1970 with the official opening on 8 March 1982 of two granite courts with lights.

On 9 December 1989 two more courts opened and from 1995 all 4 courts had lighting.
Recent Winner of the Pat Collins Memorial TrophyIn memory of Pat Collins a memorial Trophy is awarded each season of our Junior competition for the child who participates in the spirit of the club.





Trophy winners from the Junior Competition November 2009