Newsletter September 2013

Our AGM was held on September 14th. Richard Plantinga was re-elected President, Ian Hope is Vice-president, Ann Husband is secretary and Ken Husband is Treasurer.Thanks to all members who attended.

At our September general meeting, Cr. Babarowski attended and many issues were raised with him. The one most people wanted to raise was the decision by council to introdue compulsory green waste bins with a cost of $60 per year. Cr. Babarowski was asked if a copy of the council meeting minutes were available for people to read about this decision. Cr. Babarowski said the meeting was confidential and the minutes were not available to the public because contracts with the service provider were involved. 

It seems to us that the voluntary green waste bins are not being used enough to make it profitable for the contractor - hence the decision to make the bins compulsory- all without any public consulation or input. There were a lot of protest letters in the Sunshine Coast Daily and Cr. Babarowski was asked about a media release. He said as far as he knew there hadn't been a media release. So maybe there was a leak?

This council does too many things behind closed doors, which is totally unacceptable to the people who elected them.

The Glasshouse Contry News printed an article saying a motion was planned for the next council meeting to rescind the green waste bins decision. Score one for people power.

if you would like to register your protest or opinion on any issue, e-mail us. E-mail is:

Our meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday ofthe month at 7Pm at Morris House Neighbourhood Centre, 478 Old Landsborough Road.the next meeting will be 15th October 2013.


till next time.