Landsborough Masonic Lodge


The Landsborough Masonic Lodge was consecrated on 19th February 1957 at a ceremony held in the Masonic Lodge Centre at Caboolture. Thereafter it continued to meet in the Memorial School of Arts Hall in Landsborough.  It continued to meet there until in 1966 when it moved its place of meeting to the Masonic Hall in Beerwah which was owned and operated by the Tibrogargan Masonic Lodge. It continued to meet there until the property was sold at the end of 2001. The Lodge then met in Masonic Centres, firstly at Woombye for 12 months and then at Woodford until September 2008 and now meets at the School Of Arts Hall at 485 Old Landbsorough Road, Landsborough.

 The Lodge commenced with twenty two members. The occupations listed for those members shows them as being timber workers, railway workers, store keepers, farmers, doctors, bank managers, engineers, chemists, drivers, school teachers and so the list goes on.

 Charity is a basic principle of Freemasonry and members have been involved in charitable activities in Australia since European settlement. For example, in the local community we have been supporting an annual award to Beerwah High School Speech Night and providing equipment to organisations such as Glass House Country Care, BADYAC, Rural Fire Brigades, Beerwah Ambulance Committee, Lavally Lodge and many others. In the wider community support has gone to the Leukaemia Foundation, the Royal Children’s Hospital, The Royal Flying Doctor Service, the Mater Mothers’ Hospital Cord Bank, the Geriatric Foundation, the Queensland Institute of Medical Research and numerous others. Masonic Care runs homes for aged care through out the state. Masonic bursaries have assisted many a young student to pursue studies otherwise denied to them. These are just some of the ways that Freemasonry has assisted the community over the years.

Further information about Freemasonry or information about becoming a member of this fraternity, may be obtained locally from either the Landsborough Lodge Secretary, Worshipful Brother Mark Lapthorn – Phone 07 4162 8099 email or the Lodge Master, Worshipful Brother Rick Joyce - Phone 07 5439 9049 email  or by reference to web site of

The United Grand Lodge of Queensland


8th November 2010